They Laughed When I Put A Trowel in My Hand

G U A R A N T E E D  J O B  O R
D O U B L E  Y O U R  M O N E Y  B A C K





I know you can easily understand that you can use the brick over and over while taking the course, but you may be wondering what your going to do with all the mortar you will be using to take the course, your thinking “mortar gets hard so you have to throw it away ever day.


The mortar you will use taking the course contains our SECRETE FORMULA! (please don’t tell everyone) our secrete mortar has no portland cement in it. This means it will not get hard, therefore you use it over and over again till you finish the course.

All you have to do is just add water to it at the start of each training session.
All the mortar you will use to take the course is just one big wheelbarrow of sand, a bag of lime and water.



THOSE PEOPLE LAUGHING at me, are my High School friends who just finished their first year of college and are home for the summer break. I was eating a hamburger at our old High School hangout, when they came in to eat lunch. It is next door to a new Church being built, that our crew is laying the brick on. They could not believe that I was laying brick on the Biggest Church in Town.

I GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL IN 2005! My name is Brandon Hunch. I had all the school I could take, and I wanted to learn to be a bricklayer, block layer, and stone mason. My friends knew I had been a mason helper since I was sophomore in High School. I worked after school, on weekends, and in the summer. They also knew MASON HELPERS, did not know how to lay brick, block, or stone.

MATT, MY BEST FRIEND FROM HIGH SCHOOL! Said to me, Brandon how did you learn to lay brick in just a year? He knew I had been working for a local masonry contractor as a MASON HELPER, who had promised me years ago he would teach me to be a mason. Matt also knew he had never taught me how to lay brick, block, or stone.

REASONS WHY YOU WILL NEVER LEARN ON THE JOB! Well after 4 years it was clear to me that he would never teach me to be a mason. Because mason helpers are ALSO in much demand. Another reason is that masons who are 40 and 50 plus in age, do NOT WANT TO TEACH A YOUNG PERSON to be a mason because they think in a few years the YOUNG GUY WILL GET THEIR JOB.

UNION TRAINING PROGRAMS! I also checked out the BRICKLAYERS UNION APPRENTICE PROGRAM, and was told that there was a 2 OR 3 YEAR WAITING LIST, to be accepted in their apprentice program, and the SONS OF UNION BRICKLAYERS, always got first shot at BECOMING A UNION APPRENTICE.

I WAS READY TO GIVE UP! It seemed like it was easier to get in the Secret Service than learn to be a Mason.

THE COMPUTER! I got on my computer and Googled HOW TO BE A BRICKLAYER/ MASON, and up at the top came Charlie Cummins, There was a picture of this one eyed smiling guy, named Charlie Cummins.

CHARLIE SAID GUARANTEED JOB OR DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK! He said it was a Hands on Home Study Course that you took in the comfort of YOUR OWN HOME, basement, garage, under a carport, in your back yard or spare room in your house. I watched his sample video’s and knew from my experience as a helper that this guy was the BEST I HAD EVER SEEN. He said when you finished his course you would be able to LAY LIKE A PRO, and you would be able to WORK ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD you chose to live.

SO I CHECKED CHARLIE OUT SOME MORE! Charlie said if you worked real hard and followed his instructions, and did not jump around, from lesson plan to lesson plan, that in 200-300 hours, 2 or 3 months of hands on training, you could finish his MASTER MASON COURSE. Being a mason helper for 4 years, I was also sold by watching this VIDEO OF GUS, 47 years old, NEVER HAD A TROWEL IN HIS HAND. He built this brick wall with less than 20 total hours of Hands on Training using Charlie’s training course! It looked better than the brick walls the bricklayers on my crew was building.

Gus lives in New York and never had a trowel in his hand before he got the MASTER MASON COURSE.. He was trying to repair Hurricane Sandy damage at his home – ou can see some of the damage on the left. HE PUT $35,000 OF INSURANCE MONEY IN HIS POCKET IN LESS THAN A WEEK, BY DOING THE BRICKWORK HIMSELF.


I NOW PURCHASED THE COURSE! and like Charlie said, I had to turn the volume down because being from Michigan, I didn’t want to pick up Charlie’s TEXICAN DRAW, as he said–(turn the volume down if you don’t want to talk like him!!!)

I DIDN’T TELL ANYONE on the crew I was taking Charlie’s course. Then when I finished his course, the next day, I jumped on the wall between 2 bricklayers I had been working with for 4 years, AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT, I was laying better QUALITY brick than they were. They asked me where I had learned to lay brick? I told them from CHARLIEI WAS NOW, the new KID MASON on the job!

I then told the contractor WHO HAD BEEN LYING TO ME for 4 years, about teaching me to lay brick on the job, that I wanted as much money per hour as the bricklayers on the job were getting. (CHARLIE TOLD ME TO DO THIS) The contractor told me he would pay me $2.00 an hour over what I was making as a mason helper. (BRICKLAYERS MAKE MORE THAN TWICE WHAT A MASON HELPER MAKES) I didn’t do that good in math while in school but I learned enough to know $35.00 an hour is more than $12.00. I don’t know what the percentage is but who cares!! I TOLD MY OLD BOSS—– GOODBYE!

WENT DOWN THE STREET TO THE NEW CHURCH BEING BUILT, next door to the old High School hamburger joint we all hung out at. That is where at lunch time I ran in to Matt my high school buddy and other friends who were home for the summer from College. We had been out of High School for a year.

Summer came and went. I HAD A POCKET FULL OF MONEY from the hourly PAY RAISE from helper to BRICKLAYER / MASON. Matt and my other friends from High School went back for their second year of college.


Well long about Christmas, I was getting some gas, and a man walked by and saw my trowel, level and bag of tools, in the back of my old Ford Truck, and he asked me if I was a MASON. I told him no I was a Dentist, and asked him if he needed any work done on his teeth! He laughed and told me NOT WITH THOSE TOOLS! I liked this guy immediately. Long story short, HE WAS A GENERAL CONTRACTOR setting up modular homes and could not find a BLOCKLAYER MASON to do the foundation block. He asked me if I was interested?

I said MAYBE, that I was pretty busy and getting $35.00 PER HOUR. He told me he would pay me $3.00 A BLOCK LABOR ONLY — and I did not have to buy any material. Well, back to basic math. I reached in my truck and got my calculator out.

I KNEW I COULD LAY 300-500 block a day. My calculator told me that was $900 to $1500.00 a day, which is a lot more money than $35.00 x 8 hours= $280.00 a day. I still don’t know how to figure out how much % wise that is, but who cares, $900-$1500.00 A DAY, is a lot more money than $280.00.

I told him I MIGHT BE INTERESTED if I could find a good mason helper. He told me he would furnish helpers for me all day long, and still pay me $3.00 a block labor only.

I told him I had to call my current boss and tell him I was gonna quit, and I would see him in the morning. That night, when I went home and called my boss, I told him thank you for hiring me, but unless he could MATCH THE MONEY, I was gone. I told him all I got to sell was my hands and what I can do with ‘em, and I got to make money!

My boss understood, (he had done the same thing 20 years ago) and he wished me good luck. This career change, FROM MASON TO CONTRACTOR, worked out very nicely and in the next 3 or 4 months. I had ” A BIG BUCKET FULL OF MONEY”.

Well I told Charlie what I had done, (we stay in touch) and CHARLIE CHEWED ME OUT! He told me he did not teach me the trade so that I would go out and lower the price of Quality Work. He told me that what I was doing was worth at least $5.00 A BLOCK, and to tell the contractor he had to PAY ME MORE MONEY or find someone else to lay his block under those modular homes.

I WORKED UP ENOUGH COURAGE the next day to come in 30 minutes later than normal, (everybody was wondering where I was, just like Charlie said) and I went and told the contractor I WANTED $5.00 A BLOCK, or to find someone else. Now what shocked me was the contractor looked at me, and in the longest 10 seconds of my life in total silence——HE SAID OK starting today? I SAID OK! ” I left his office thinking why didn’t I do like Charlie told me”!

Charlie had told me to go tell the contractor I WANTED MORE MONEY. Then SHUT UP and let the contractor say first how much more he would pay me. Heck — he may have said $8.00.

Anyway…I won’t tell Charlie I didn’t follow his instructions, (I will next time) Charlie says the only way you learn is by making mistakes, and they don’t teach you that in school). Besides I got $5.00 a block. That is a lot more than $3.00 a block.

I still don’t know how much more percentage wise that is——-I think I will ask Charlie and he’ll tell me. I don’t feel stupid when I ask Charlie. Charlie says in his Texas draw—–only dumb question is the one you don’t ask!
A lot of Charlie’s students take the time to send quick videos of their work, and then he gets back to them with suggestions. Here’s one guy who did pretty well and shared this:

NEXT YEAR GOT REAL BUSY FOR ME! I didn’t see my friends much, since they were WORKING AT McDonald’s, Home Depot and painting houses and so forth, in between college classes, and summer breaks. I took my money and bought a couple of 4-plexes, and I live in one of the units. Charlie told me to buy 4-plexes to start with, and let my money work for me, and not me work for money. Then, CHARLIE CHEWED ME OUT really bad for buying a brand new 4-wheel drive truck, told me it lost 25% of its value the minute I drove it off the showroom floor. THAT IS WHEN I ASKED CHARLIE HOW TO FIGURE PERCENTAGE, and I was mad at myself for buying a new truck, and losing that much money. Charlie knows what he is talking about.

Now after THREE YEARS OUT OF SCHOOL, Charlie has taught me how to go join the plans room and start bidding jobs. (“Charlie is also a consultant”)

At first I did not want to spend my MONEY ON EQUIPMENT but Charlie got me hooked up with these leasing companies, who LOANED ME THE MONEY for the equipment that Charlie PUT TOGETHER FOR ME, making sure that I only purchased what I needed, and I purchased the best saws, mixers, grout pumps, trucks and trailers as I need them. (

Now — as Charlie says —” I ARE A BIG TIME MASONRY CONTRACTOR”. Charlie has an amazing GUARANTEE on all the equipment he sells. He guarantees the equipment he sells you, and in the event, that you decide you do not want to contract anymore, Charlie WILL BUY BACK all the equipment he sold you. I’m like – dude, are you crazy? THAT IS A GUARANTEE I CAN GET EXCITED ABOUT!

College didn’t help Matt get a job…

Well my good buddy Matt has finally got his BA Degree in something (I can’t remember what in) but now he needs a job, so I hired him as one of my mason helpers. You know I HATE TO SAY THIS, and Charlie chewed me out like he never has before, and I believe I DESERVED IT. I WILL NEVER THINK THAT WAY AGAIN.  I told Charlie that I did not want my good friend Matt to learn to lay brick, because let’s face it, he is smarter than me, been to college, and when he sees how easy this is, he’ll want to BECOME A CONTRACTOR and be my competition. I did not want him to take Charlie’s course, and I will never teach him or anyone else to be a mason ON THE JOB!

CHARLIE TOLD ME what I will never forget, and I will try to live by for the rest of my life—”YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT, BY HELPING OTHERS GET WHAT THEY WANT” That is what we are supposed to do. He also said to always try to hire people that are smarter than you. I told Charlie that would be easy for me to do. Charlie said he never had that problem either.

What Charlie’s (other!) Students Say

Meet Lars (standing with his ‘kids’ on left), who has been busy building a missionary center for his work with children in India. He’s been using all the methods, plus those that Charlie teaches in his bonus book, “The Secret of Squaring Up Buildings.”

“I looked through your squaring up book that you sent me now… I understood it! …I’ve learnt so much this day, and I’m like a sponge ready to take in more.”
— Lars L.

Luis has been practicing with the course and emailing Charlie about his progress just like I did!

“I want to learn to do this the right way and BE A MASTER MASON. I’m a guy that likes to travel see different structures of the world, I will do this just like you’re telling me. And the good thing is all the great support I’m getting so my future’s looking bright. I already have a job for next spring if I get this down right. So thanks and thanks for the wonderful videos.”

–Luis S.Casey T., 24, tells what happened to him after becoming certified.
“I took Charlie’s course in 4 months while working a full time warehouse job which paid $6.50 per hour. After completing the course, I went to work in Detroit on a Union job. Two days later, I received a Journeyman Bricklayers Card, and was paid at the rate of $27.63 per hour on my check, plus an extra $12.00 in benefits. That was in 1997. I WANTED MORE MONEY and I was seeing, first hand, how desperately this Masonry Industry needs good masons, who have a little common business sense! Now I’m a Specialty Masonry Contractor in Minnesota. Thank you Charlie.”

Petri, who lives in Sweden, has been studying the Brick Certification course to make extra money, and has been busy with new projects ever since.



Above you’ll find a couple of pictures from the latest chimney I repaired this week. It’s a nine flue chimney with half brick sized unlined flues which is the traditional configuration here. I sold this job for $9.000. I guess it’s somewhat comparable in price to what you guys in USA charge.


Well, that’s my story — it worked for me, and I believe it will work for you!

Taking this course is just like standing next to Charlie and having him SHOW YOU EXACTLY WHAT TO DO AND HOW TO DO IT. You move at your own pace. You do each lesson till you can do it in so many minutes or seconds, then you go to the next lesson. Let Charlie turn you into a brick/ blocklaying machine. Charlie teaches you to go where the money is, be it Union, or Non- Union, or BE YOUR OWN BOSS! GO FOR THE MONEY!

• Six Hours Of DVD Course Lessons, AND easy to follow Lesson Plan Book
• Unlimited personal help from Charlie by phone or email
BONUS BOOK: The Secret Of Squaring Up Buildings.

Tradesmen and contractors say this SQUARING UP BOOK has saved them thousands of dollars in time, and labor, plus you will now have the satisfaction of knowing YOUR PROJECT IS PERFECTLY SQUARE.