Australians Don’t Want to Lay Brick?

                An article posted August 28, 2014 states that Australians aren’t interested in bricklaying and masonry even though the salaries can be as high as $100,000. Unemployment in Australia is at 14%, the highest it’s been in 13 years and the number of apprentices in the field is lower than the past 10 years. Not only is the unemployment rate high, but the need for bricklaying is increasing due to no interest in the jobs.

The theory behind young people avoiding entering the bricklaying and masonry career field is the physical labor of the job. This is odd because the same people not wishing to work in a physically demanding job are going to gyms all the time. They want to pay to get fit (though probably not with a desire to actually be strong) but get paid by sitting around in an office chair even though many of these kids would either love masonry of be really good at it. Carpentry is viewed as profitable and attractive job options because of the boom in the housing industry, but these people don’t realize how important and useful bricklaying is for housing.

Parents are another problem. They are encouraging their children to go into fields which high competitive rates make it nearly impossible to get work in a career which requires a university degree. While higher education isn’t always needed for masonry and bricklaying, having a college degree doesn’t mean masonry is “beneath” someone. Mathematics, physics, and more can be very useful, especially when starting a new bricklaying business. It also allows for working in fresh air, freedom in work hours (especially when owning the business) and even the chance to travel across the world. Starting as a bricklayer can lead to owning a company and getting out of the sun and dirt, but keeping the knowledge and passion for this trade. College dropouts can make up to $100,000 per year when they enter the business roles of masonry.

There is no shame in bricklaying and masonry. On the contrary, it’s a much needed trade which should be admired. If you see a bricklayer, thank them for building such amazing structures and working so hard. It’s a hard job that should not die out. Become a mason or bricklayer through our program and maybe you can help teach Australia a thing or two about having a passion for trade and how profitable such a career choice can be. Not everyone is fit for office jobs or university, but nearly anyone can be a bricklayer—passion is key. Everything else will come in time.

Don’t let America end up like Australia. Pass down this passion to others. People say Americans are lazy, but apparently Australians take lazy to an entirely new level. Read the entire article here.