Masonry Business

Preparing To Lay Brick, Block, or Stone

Anything that you build from a barbecue pit to a skyscraper, must have a blueprint.  For small projects like a brick mailbox or barbecue pit, you can get books at Home Depot or Lowe’s or the library that have blueprints for what your gonna build.  Nearly all areas of the country where you build or add on anything to an existing building, must have a building permit before you begin construction.  Also in a lot of areas if you build anything without a permit, you can get fined both you as a contractor and the homeowner or business owner of the property.  Once the above is done, then it is up to the owner to pick the color of brick, block or the kind of stone that will be used for the project.  If your building something for something you own, then you get to pick what to use.  Don’t forget the permits (or do you feel lucky?).

If the architect picks the wrong materials, it is his liability.  His and the city’s fault, because they approved the plans, and it falls back on them.  All the above information is true even if you’re putting a fireplace in your own house: you need to check with the city building permit office, and make sure they approve it, in case your house burns down.

The architect and his people are responsible for testing the soil, saying how deep, what kind of fill, how much compaction and with what material is to be used. The architect is not gonna lay the brick, so don’t you go and design the earthwork, foundation, or pick the color of the rooms! You lay the brick, block, or stone, according to the plans, and do not skimp.

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Masonry Business

Equipment Necessary For Laying Brick

Buying a truck or trailer to haul your equipment from project to project is an important choice.  Don’t buy too small! Not only is it dangerous, but you will be fined heavy for being overloaded.  Everything matters, from buying the tools, to saws, and the correct mixer for the type of projects you are going to be building. Choosing the wrong equipment is not only a waste of time and money, it is also dangerous to yourself, your crew, and all motorists on the road.

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Thinking you can get by doing things half-assed will get you, in the long run, bankrupt and put you out of business. Maybe even jail time.


Masonry Business

What We Can Do For You

We will set you up with a truck or trailer rigged up with what you need, and the tools and equipment you need to be successful.  Plus we’ll teach you how to use them.  We’ll also train you to lay brick, block, and stone.






We will show you how to bid jobs.  In 1 or 20 years from now if you decide you don’t want to contract anymore we will buy back everything we sold you. THAT IS A GUARANTEE.


Masonry Business

How to Get Yourself Financed

Either go through a bank and purchase your equipment, or use a leasing company.

Leasing companies offer good tax benefits, plus you wind up owning all the equipment at the end of the lease — IF YOU KNOW HOW TO ENTER INTO THE LEASE WHEN YOU GET THE EQUIPMENT, IF NOT: YOU’RE SCREWED.

ALSO, YOU CAN RENT EVERYTHING you need like forklifts, scaffolding, planks, mixers and so forth.  Advantage: all tax deductible, and if something breaks down, they bring you another.  Be sure when you rent that they service their equipment and insure it, otherwise: YOU’RE SCREWED.

Laying the Groundwork for Success

  • Get set up with all the licenses that you need to do what your doing.
  • Get the right incorporation set up before you begin.
  • Find a good lawyer, and accountant.
  • Know how to hire good people.

If you miss any one of the above: YOU’RE SCREWED.

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Masonry Business

Making the Right Bid on a Project

Bidding too low, or thinking you can get by with making shortcuts will get you into trouble FAST. For example, reinforced block masonry.  Let’s say the plans say to grout everything solid below grade, and you skip it.  Guess what? That house or project will settle and you’ll get caught and you’ll get sued and put out of business. And that’s the best scenario. If someone was hurt because of it, you could go to jail.

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When you bid a job, you had better put in your bid what you exclude doing, otherwise you can go out of business on your first job.  It happens all the time, even with ole pros.

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Know how to bid. Do not do anything too cheap. Get half your money up front, or when the material is placed on the job—-YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO WRITE THE CONTRACT—YOU WRITE IT———–IF THE OWNER OR GENERAL WRITE IT, you better have your exclusions wrote into their contract.

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Masonry Business

Why Be The Boss?

Anyone that we train or meet my qualifications to be certified by, we can also train to be a contractor.


1. Number one reason I believe is the GUARANTEE. Simply said, in 6 months or 20 years if you decide you do not want to do it anymore, we will buy back everything we sold you for your contracting business, all tools and equipment. See if you can find a better deal anywhere else!

2. We have leasing companies that will finance A,B,C,and D Credit applicants (because of our guarantee). Our backing ensures that you will get financed.

3. You also will get trained by me. I will show you how to use everything we sell you efficiently and safely. SPECIAL NOTE: this is not a 3-day how-to-put-a-curb-in-someone’s-backyard training plan. If you qualify and are Certified by us, you will be here for 1 week to several months plus, depending on if you want to contract to build mailboxes, repair chimneys, do repair work, or build sky scrapers.