How to Get Yourself Financed

Either go through a bank and purchase your equipment, or use a leasing company.

Leasing companies offer good tax benefits, plus you wind up owning all the equipment at the end of the lease — IF YOU KNOW HOW TO ENTER INTO THE LEASE WHEN YOU GET THE EQUIPMENT, IF NOT: YOU’RE SCREWED.

ALSO, YOU CAN RENT EVERYTHING you need like forklifts, scaffolding, planks, mixers and so forth.  Advantage: all tax deductible, and if something breaks down, they bring you another.  Be sure when you rent that they service their equipment and insure it, otherwise: YOU’RE SCREWED.

Laying the Groundwork for Success

  • Get set up with all the licenses that you need to do what your doing.
  • Get the right incorporation set up before you begin.
  • Find a good lawyer, and accountant.
  • Know how to hire good people.

If you miss any one of the above: YOU’RE SCREWED.

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