How To Become A Bricklayer

The Master Mason Course will turn you in to a brick and block laying machine. It will give you the skills and ability to work anywhere in the world. You will be in demand, and Earn a High Hourly Rate of Pay anywhere you choose to live and work. The Master Mason Course, when YOU are certified, comes with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEED JOB, and is available as a download for PC or Mac, or on a DVD set – it has been perfected through years of experience and used to train thousands around the World.


Follow the instructions on the easy-to-follow lesson plans. Practice each part of the course until it flows easily and it looks just like I do it on the DVD. It is extremely important not to jump around! Stick to the lesson plans and you’ll be a success.


QUESTION: How can I learn to lay brick, by watching someone do it on a DVD?


ANSWER: This is a hands-on, home study course. You watch a lesson, then practice doing that lesson until you master it. Then you go to the next lesson, watch it, then practice that lesson until you master it. It works.


QUESTION: How long will it take me to finish this hands-on home study course?


ANSWER: We have certified many people in less than thirty (30) days. You move at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home or surroundings.


QUESTION: How big a space do I need to take this hands-on home study course?


ANSWER: You need an area 5′-0″ (five feet) X 5′-0″ (feet) minimum. I have had students take the course in their basement, garage, carport, back yard, or in a spare room in their house or apartment.


QUESTION: Do you certify everyone who takes the Master Mason Course?


ANSWER: No! A large number of people who take the Master Mason Course do not wish to work for others. They want to be contractors themselves. I have created a separate website to cater to these individuals. I have had many students create planter boxes, repair chimneys, brick in mailboxes, build barbecue pits and fences with only 3 days of hands-on training (see some of our testimonials!). You don’t have to be a Certified Master Mason in order to be the boss of your own contracting company: BE THE BOSS. All you need to know is the basics, have a little business sense, and hire good, certified masons.


QUESTION: When I meet the requirements to become certified, how do you come test me?


ANSWER: Sometimes we send an affiliate to test you, sometimes we send you down to the local job site, certificate in hand. The certification states what you are able to do, and when you present it to the hiring personnel, they will give you a job. If you cannot do what the certificate states you can do, you may well be terminated. But that part is up to you. Practice, practice, practice. Bricklaying is like riding a bike: you either do it often or you’ll never do it at all!


You will learn the proper way to hold a trowel in your hand.


You will learn how to properly spread mud, (mortar) for brick, then block (this is for the bed joint, or the horizontal joints on a brick wall.)


You will learn how to place full head joints on brick, and block (these are the joints that go up and down on a brick wall.)


You will learn how to lay brick, then block to the line


You will learn how to joint (finish) tool your brick and block Wall.


You will learn how to build brick, and block corners with a 4′-0″ level.