Making the Right Bid on a Project

Bidding too low, or thinking you can get by with making shortcuts will get you into trouble FAST. For example, reinforced block masonry.  Let’s say the plans say to grout everything solid below grade, and you skip it.  Guess what? That house or project will settle and you’ll get caught and you’ll get sued and put out of business. And that’s the best scenario. If someone was hurt because of it, you could go to jail.

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When you bid a job, you had better put in your bid what you exclude doing, otherwise you can go out of business on your first job.  It happens all the time, even with ole pros.

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Know how to bid. Do not do anything too cheap. Get half your money up front, or when the material is placed on the job—-YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO WRITE THE CONTRACT—YOU WRITE IT———–IF THE OWNER OR GENERAL WRITE IT, you better have your exclusions wrote into their contract.

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