BIG NEWS! New Video Available and Financing Available!

                Our newest and probably most impressive video to date is our video entitled “Learn to Lay Brick in 1 Day” for the low price of $99. This is perfect for those wanting to go for a test drive before buying the full Apprentice Mason Course or the Master Mason Course. If you want to do some home repair and home improvement, this video will be very helpful. Building a patio, pathway, or yard-wall will be a breeze with our help. If you already know a lot about home improvement, purchasing this lesson can save money since it means one less job you’d need to hire out for.

Hobbyists, homeowners, landlords, and more can benefit from all of our courses, but our new 1 Day course can help you learn the basics from where you can build stronger skills and gain the confidence to continue on to our other courses. Improve the quality of your home for higher resale value or to make your home, yard, or garden more homey and enjoyable. A beautiful home is a happy home and learning from us will help you make sure the job is done correctly the first time so you don’t have to pay for new work if an incompetent bricklayer does the job wrong. Save money, save time, and ensure the masonry work runs smoothly.

We are now offering financing options for our full courses. Payment plans allow you to pay in parts so you don’t have to break the bank before you can start your new lucrative career in masonry and bricklaying. These courses are a wonderful investment so you can begin earning $25 per hour or more! Anyone with reasonable mental and physical ability can become a bricklayer, and now finances are much less of an issue! We understand that $300 is a lot of money if you’re unemployed or working for minimum wage. As long as you have a computer (Mac or PC) or a DVD player the courses are easy to watch and follow along. Our money back guarantee protects your investments to keep more money in your pocket and ensure your success.

For our financing plan, you pay for each lesson individually. This means you can stop partway through if you don’t have the time or decide this isn’t the field for you (which we highly doubt since the work is great). If you already have some knowledge, you can skip lessons (though certification may not be guaranteed) or buy them a few at a time so as not to feel overwhelmed before you complete the courses. Our certification and money back guarantee do not apply if only some parts of the course are purchased—please consider purchasing the full course if possible.

You can use Paypal if you want, but we also allow debit and credit card payments, just through the Paypal system.