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Today, a lot of people are turning to self-employment and adventuring into certifications instead of the heavily time consuming and insanely costly college tuition required for a job they might not even enjoy! Learning a trade, such as bricklaying or masonry, is very rewarding and can get you out of your workday slumps that might be bringing you down.

Bricklaying is a time honored trade which has been around for 5,000 years, meaning there is always a need for this career. Much like the tale of Paul Bunyan, there are some things even machines are incapable of. For less than $100 USD (for digital download) anyone can become certified to become a bricklaying apprentice or Masonry Master, a small investment for the betterment of your future! We offer individual lessons on squaring up all the way up to Master Mason Courses you can download directly to your computer or tablet (or receive a mailed DVD) and start learning today! If Charlie Cummins’ courses aren’t enough for you (or you want to take baby steps before purchasing the course) he has a book entitled The Secret of Squaring Up Buildings for the low cost of $2.99 for a digital copy from Amazon.
Founder Charlie Cummins has been working as a certified mason/bricklayer/masonry teacher since 1975. After leaving the unions he began working throughout much of the US as well as Guam and Vietnam. Charlie is the ideal teacher for masonry because of his utter dedication to the trade (he even wishes to die while working at the young age of 130). His passion is contagious and after you start learning from him you will wish you knew about this sooner. He is even willing to answer your questions about any aspect of masonry and bricklaying on the website.
The Apprentice Course is designed for those seeking masonry as a casual interest or for home improvement purposes. The Master Mason Course includes Charlie’s book as well as our money back satisfaction (and employment) guarantee.With certification from BrickCertification.com, you will be ready to start your own business, or we will guarantee you will find work with other companies. No matter your age, gender, location, or work history, you can become a skilled mason.
Make your schedule, make your hours, charge rates you deem fit, and be your own boss, or gain employment from other respected masons. It’s time for you to earn a better living doing something you will love and that will never be outsourced or considered obsolete. People underestimate trades until they see the care and hard work people like masons put in for beautiful and lasting products. There’s a reason most of the houses that are centuries old and still standing are brick or stone. Be part of the beautification and Resurrection of this wonderful trade.