Why Be The Boss?

Anyone that we train or meet my qualifications to be certified by brickcertification.com, we can also train to be a contractor.


1. Number one reason I believe is the GUARANTEE. Simply said, in 6 months or 20 years if you decide you do not want to do it anymore, we will buy back everything we sold you for your contracting business, all tools and equipment. See if you can find a better deal anywhere else!

2. We have leasing companies that will finance A,B,C,and D Credit applicants (because of our guarantee). Our backing ensures that you will get financed.

3. You also will get trained by me. I will show you how to use everything we sell you efficiently and safely. SPECIAL NOTE: this is not a 3-day how-to-put-a-curb-in-someone’s-backyard training plan. If you qualify and are Certified by us, you will be here for 1 week to several months plus, depending on if you want to contract to build mailboxes, repair chimneys, do repair work, or build sky scrapers.